Lippstadt 2018

The Theremin academy has taken over the organization of the famous “Without Touch” festivals in Lippstadt, founded in 2007 by Barbara Buchholz, Wolfgang Streblow, and Wilco Botermans. Actually, this is the academy where improvisation and experimental music play an important role.


23/11/2018 10h –
25/11/2018 16h


Wilco Botermans &
Thierry Frenkel


The academy will be held at the Conrad Hansen Music School,
Von-Galen-Platz 1, 59557 Lippstadt, Germany 

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Oxford 2018

One day workshop organized by Lydia Kavina in cooperation with the Music Faculty of the Oxford University.


24 November 2018


Lydia Kavina

Lydia Kavina is one of the most experienced teachers and hosts her own Theremin workshops in Oxford(UK). She is a welcome lecturer and teacher at many Theremin Academies everywhere in Europe.

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This workshop will be held at the Bate collection of the University of Oxford, Faculty of Music, St Aldate’s, Oxford OX1 1DB

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Lausanne 2019

The “special” academy in Switzerland. Inspired by and often in collaboration with the famous N/O/D/E festivals and the Lausanne Music University (HEMU), it has its very own unique character and attires Thereminists from the whole world.


01/02/2019 14h –
03/02/2019 12h


The academy will be held at Pôle Sud, Avenue Jean-Jacques Mercier 3, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland

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Colmar 2019

The Colmar academy is the most ancient and renowned Theremin Academy – it’s where the academy concept was developed by Carolina & Thierry and started in 2010.


18/07/2019 09h –
21/07/2019 18h


Details will be published around May 2019. But for sure, there will be:

  • Individual Theremin lessons
  • Theremin group lessons & workshops
  • Theremin chamber music classes
  • Theremin tuning, upgrade, and repair service
  • A festive common dinner for all participants
  • Café musical: A student’s concert around a coffee and pastries table


Carolina Eyck

Carolina Eyck is, together with Thierry Frenkel, the co-founder of the Theremin Academy which started in 2010 in Colmar/France. In 2013, she initiated the Theremin Spring Academy in Leipzig/Germany which is now continued in Berlin, the German Capital, from 2018 on.

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Thierry Frenkel

Thierry Frenkel is, together with Carolina Eyck, the co-founder of the Theremin Academy which started in 2010 in Colmar/France. Since then, he constantly increased the academy network to make 4 or 5 academies happen in different European towns every year.

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The academy will be held at Thierry’s Theremin atelier,
9 rue des Serruriers, 68000 Colmar, France

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