Lesson formats

Most of our Theremin academies are organized \”à la carte\”. That means that you may \”assemble\” your individual study program by combining different lesson formats during the registration process. To help you better understand the different offers, we have set up a list with the definition of most lesson formats offered during our academies.

Chamber music class (Ensemble)

A chamber music class groups students of similar playing level in order to study one or more pieces in a trio or quartet formation, guided and conducted by a teacher.

  • One teacher, 3 to 4 participants
  • Duration 2 or 3 sessions à 60 minutes each

Occasionally, chamber music classes will continue their work on more complex music over several academies.

Group lesson

A group lesson is always about a specific topic, i.e. improvisation and is given for students sharing the same interest but having different playing levels.

  • One teacher, 3 to 6 students (depends on the topic and available rooms)
  • Duration 60 minutes

Individual lesson

The “classic” one to one lesson:

  • One student, one teacher.
  • Duration 60 minutes.

The student prepares one or more pieces of music or a specific topic (i.e. vibrato) to work on with the teacher during the lesson.

Lecture / Seminar

A lecture is basically an ex-cathedra teaching about a specific topic of one ore more teachers, followed by question time and, optionally, a public discussion. That’s why we’ll most times use the term “Seminar”.

  • One or more teachers, unlimited and unrestricted audience
  • Duration 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the topic

The daily master class

We now introduce a new lesson style, the daily master class, which is intended to be a more economic lesson format which will greatly improve the student’s experience through synergies:

  • One teacher, 2 to 4 students
  • One well known piece of theremin music
  • Duration 60 minutes

Every student prepares the pre-announced piece of theremin music. The teacher will work with one student after the other, always only one student at a time while the other master class participants listen and benefit from passive learning.

Working in such a small group will at the same time help the students to prepare for performing in public and for attending more sophisticated master classes later.


A workshop is, like a group lesson, about a specific, but more practical topic, i.e. the use of effect pedals. The participants learn and exchange under the supervision of a teacher.

  • One teacher, 3 to 6 students
  • Duration 60 minutes