Worldwide – Online 2021

A world premiere: Due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions, we set up a Theremin Academy as an online event. Two full days will be filled with practical workshops, talks, seminars and performances.

Long days, almost around the clock, will allow people from around the whole globe to participate in the activities, to communicate with and to learn from Lydia Kavina, Carolina Eyck, Pamelia Stickney, Thierry Frenkel, Thorwald Jørgensen, Charlie Draper, Randy George, Wilco Botermans, Miles Brown, Roy Palmer, and more!


Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 9AM (GMT+1), –
Sunday, July 25, 2021 ca. 11PM (GMT+1

Please check the detailed time table below where we’ve put the information for multiple time zones.


Thereminists of all levels, from the novice to the experimented professional


The activities will include (among others):

  • Workshops for beginner and advanced by Lydia Kavina, Pamelia Stickney, Thierry Frenkel, Randy George
  • Master class by Carolina Eyck
  • Theremini sessions by Roy Palmer
  • Technical workshops by Thierry Frenkel and Wilco Botermans
  • Performances by Thorwald Jorgensen, Lydia Kavina, Miles Brown and Olesya Rostovskaya
  • Talks by Charlie Draper and Lydia Kavina
  • Open chat rooms.


  • Lydia Kavina
  • Carolina Eyck
  • Pamelia Stickney
  • Olesya Rostovaya
  • Thierry Frenkel
  • Thorwald Jørgensen
  • Charlie Draper
  • Randy George
  • Wilco Botermans
  • Miles Brown
  • Roy Palmer


The Academy will be held over the internet via Zoom!

You will be able to enter and exit the online room at any time, depending on your time zone and interest. You can be an active participant or just watch, you can play, chat and discuss. Most activities will be recorded and the videos will be available to download for those who registred.


This program might still evolve over the next days, please check back from time to time

Los AngelesNew YorkLondonParis – BerlinMoscowTokyoMel-bourneProgram
1AM4AM9AM10AM11AM5PM6PMTheremin Academy introduction, Workshop
– Lydia Kavina
3AM6AM11AM12PM1PM7PM8PMWorkshop: Ensemble I (1)*
–  Thierry Frenkel
5AM8AM1PM2PM3PM9PM10PMSeminar: Historic aspects
– Charlie Draper
7AM10AM3PM4PM5PM11PM12AMSeminar: Theremin in Russia
– Olesya Rostovskaya
– Lydia Kavina
– Lydia Kavina
9AM12PM5PM6PM7PM1AM2AMMaster class
– Carolina Eyck (2)*
10AM1PM6PM7PM8PM2AM3AMOpen chat room
The future of the Theremin
– Thierry Frenkel
– Pamelia Stickney
– Roy Palmer
Theremin playing technique
– Lydia Kavina
Vibrato and more
– Randy George
6PM9PM2AM3AM4AM10AM11AMOpen chat room
– Miles Brown 
9PM12AM5AM6AM7AM1PM2PMOpen chat room
Lydia Kavina’s online workshops 2020-2021
1AM4AM9AM10AM11AM5PM6PMTheremin gymnastic
– Lydia Kavina
Music theory/ right fingers and left hand
– Lydia Kavina
4AM7AM12PM1PM2PM8PM9PMWorkshop: Ensemble II (1)*
–  Thierry Frenkel
Technical Q&A
– Thierry Frenkel
6AM9AM2PM3PM4PM10PM11PMSeminar: Contemporary music
– Lydia Kavina
Theremin building, dealer and service – Wilco Botermans
– Thorwald Jørgensen
– Roy Palmer
Visual pitch preview (3)*
– Randy George
1PM4PM9PM10PM11PM5AM6AMClosing party, Q&A
– all teachers and performers
3PM6PM11PM12AM1AM7AM8AM(Estimated) end of the academy
(1)* Thierry would like as many as possible thereminists partaking in both ensemble workshops, so that the music will be played around the globe. On the first day, we’ll go through the different parts and details, on the second day, we’ll assemble everything and play together. Sheet music will be emailed to the registered participants a week or so, before, so that you can prepare. People who can’t read sheet music will learn to play the melody by ear and will be able to contribute in the improvisation part.
Update 14/07/2021: Explanations, sheet music, and audio tracks for practicing have been added here (click).
(2)* For Carolina Eyck’s master class, there are four places for active participants, all other can watch passively. Hurry up if you like to be one of the four active participants, reserve your place during the registration!
(3)* Randy adds the following information: “I have decided to make and release a new theremin related software tool. The tool itself is the visual tuner display from my MIDI Merlin software.  I have extracted this specific feature from the much bigger MIDI Merlin and will make it its own ear-training, muscle memory training tool. The name will be ->  Merlin Tuner.   It will be fairly easy to use.   It’s only a visual display and does not generate sound or MIDI, so there’s nothing really complicated to setup, except for setting the computer audio input and possibly a display size setting. I will have the software complete and available to purchase before the Theremin Academy scheduled start (and afterwards).  One idea I had is for a volunteer (or two or three, who decide to buy ahead of time) to test out some technical exercises during the workshop, with me guiding the exercises.  This is a good way for there to be some direct feedback during the learning process, while using the device… and perhaps more people will be interested in it after seeing its benefits.  The price will be $15 USD. It will not work on phones. It’s computer only, but it will work on Mac and Windows computers with program called Max (and also with Ableton Live).”


Step 1: Pay the fee of GBP30 via PayPal to [email protected] with the reference “ – Theremin online academy 24-25 July”. Please make sure that the full amount will be credited to Lydia’s account, for example using PayPal’s “send money to family and friends” option. Or by adding 2GBP to cover the transfer fees!

If you see any difficulties in processing the PayPal payment, please email Lydia for alternative solutions.

Step 2: Send an email to [email protected] with your name, country, level of playing the theremin, preferred theremin model, you may also write in what activities you are you most interested.