Lippstadt 2023 – Without Touch!

The Theremin academy has taken over the organization of the famous “Without Touch” festivals in Lippstadt, founded in 2007 by Barbara Buchholz, Wolfgang Streblow, and Wilco Botermans. Actually, this is the academy where improvisation and experimental music play an important role.


17/11/2023 in the morning –
19/11/2023 in the afternoon


Wilco Botermans

Wilco Botermans is a Dutch Thereminist working in the contemporary and experimental music domain using the theremin together with effect devices and computer hardware and software.

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Thierry Frenkel

Thierry Frenkel is, together with Carolina Eyck, the co-founder of the Theremin Academy which started in 2010 in Colmar/France. Since then, he constantly increased the academy network to make 4 or 5 academies happen in different European towns every year.

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The academy will be held at the Conrad Hansen Music School,
Von-Galen-Platz 1, 59557 Lippstadt, Germany 


As, after the long pandemic, we are slowly and cautiously rolling out the Academy program again, we are happy to do already our second Lippstadt academy since. Wilco and Thierry complement again each other perfectly as lecturers. Wilco is a highly renowned specialist in contemporary music, improvisation and electronic effects, while Thierry is a very experienced “classicist” and leader of theremin chamber music classes. Together, we have set up a comprehensive program which focuses mainly on playing Theremin together when, already, so many thereminists meet in one place.

Basic package for all participants

The prices for the basic package and the options can be seen in the registration form

  • 5 hours Parallel classic chamber music and contemporary improvisation classes “Concerto Grosso”. Based on the work “Heilig, heilig, heilig” for two mixed choirs from the Elias oratorio by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, the participants will work in two groups. A classical group (7 thereminists accompanied by Mallory) will rehearse the arrangement of the original version for 7 Theremins plus el. Bass by and with Thierry, and the experimental group (all others) will create an improvised, electronic and contemporary answer under Wilco‘s guidance. The goal is to have this as the central element of the final student’s concert where we will play the classic version first, then the modern answer and finally a common and brilliant Coda.
  • 2 hours Seminar Questions and Answers: Wilco and Thierry will answer all your questions around the Theremin and give exhaustive explanations about musical and technical aspects of different Theremins, setups, playing techniques, etc.
  • 1.5 hours “General rehearsal” and final student’s concert where we’ll mainly present the result of all ensemble and chamber music classes. Afterwards, if there will be enough time left, we could also see one or two individual performances, but that’s not yet sure.

Additional information : The city administration of Lippstadt has a culture program for young people from 10 to 14 years, called “Kulturrucksack”. The Theremin Academy is always open to contribute to such programs and will offer 1 hour of a group trial lesson guided by Thierry to interested children. This will happen just before the final student’s concert, so that those who want may stay with us for this. Since everything will be already set up in the Aula, please allow that your Theremin serves for this purpose. Thierry guarantees naturally for the integrity of your instruments.

Optionally, you can book

  • 2 hours Seminar effect devices with Wilco. Participants who register for this seminar may bring their preferred effect devices with them. Wilco will also present some of his his equipment. Afterwards, there will be time to exchange experiences and try things out!
  • 1 or more hours Private lessons with Wilco
  • 1 or more hours Private lessons with Thierry
  • Theremin Service and Upgrade, please see the registration form below for details

Special chamber music offer for participants of the summer classes in Colmar

  • 3 hours of ensemble class for former group A participants: We will warm up “In einem kühlen Grunde” by Max Reger and refine our ongoing work on “Autumn leaves”. Presentation of both pieces at the student’s concert
  • 3 hours of ensemble class for former group B participants: We will warm up “Waldesnacht” by Johanns Brahms and refine our ongoing work on the James Bond 007 theme. Presentation of both pieces at the student’s concert

Social program

  • A social program, including at least one common dinner will be organized. More details to come soon.

All workshops, seminars, and ensemble classes require a minimum number of 3 or 4 registered participants. In case this quota wouldn’t be reached for a particular activity, we will either suggest you an alternative program or reimburse you.

Information for participants

Equipment and presence

  • Please bring at least your own theremin and cables. A few amplifiers, music and theremin stands are available at the music school for those who can’t travel with. Please note in the comments section of the registration form what you would need.
  • Please make sure that you can be present during the whole academy time, so that we might schedule lessons and classes without constraints. Ideally, you can make your travel arrangement to arrive already on Thursday night so that we can get off to a good start on Friday morning.

Stay and food

  • We have reserved a limited number of hotel rooms at the Quality Hotel in Lippstadt at a reduced group rate. No more need to spread over nearby villages and to have transport problems. These rooms can be booked as single (75€ per person and per night) or as double room (90€ for 2 persons per night). If you want to benefit from this special offer, please use the registration form below and do not book directly with the hotel!
  • Food can be found either in one of the little shops near the music school, or in one of the restaurants in the city which is at a 20 minutes walking distance. Usually, people gather in small groups to have lunch and dinner together when nothing “official” is scheduled.


    Yes, I register for this academy
    A registration fee of 135€ applies to cover your participation in all activities listed under "The basic package for all participants" above. Please let us know where you’d like to see yourself in the “Concerto grosso” ensemble: *

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    Options "à la carte"
    1.) Optional Workshop (ca. 2h, 35€)

    2.) Individual/Private lessons (45min = 50€)

    3.) Special chamber music offer for participants of the summer classes in Colmar (3 x 1h, 60€)

    Theremin service

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