Lippstadt 2018

The Theremin academy has taken over the organization of the famous “Without Touch” festivals in Lippstadt, founded in 2007 by Barbara Buchholz, Wolfgang Streblow, and Wilco Botermans. Actually, this is the academy where improvisation and experimental music play an important role.


23/11/2018 10h –
25/11/2018 16h


Wilco Botermans

Wilco Botermans is a Dutch Thereminist working in the contemporary and experimental music domain using the theremin together with effect devices and computer hardware and software.

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Thierry Frenkel

Thierry Frenkel is, together with Carolina Eyck, the co-founder of the Theremin Academy which started in 2010 in Colmar/France. Since then, he constantly increased the academy network to make 4 or 5 academies happen in different European towns every year.

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The academy will be held at the Conrad Hansen Music School,
Von-Galen-Platz 1, 59557 Lippstadt, Germany 


For the grand public

  • Public presentation of the Theremin: Wilco Botermans and Thierry Frenkel will tell about its history and principle of operation and demonstrate everything. The public may ask questions and try out the instrument afterwards. (Friday, 23 Nov, 18h, at the Aula of the Lippstadt Music school)
  • Theremin & Shakuhachi concert by Shakuhachi master Dr. Jim Franklin on Saturday, 24 Nov, 18h30, at the Lippstadt Music school

For the participants

The basic package which will be covered by your registration fee, comprises:

  • Participation in the public presentation of the Theremin
  • Free entry to Dr. Jim Franklin’s Theremin & Shakuhachi concert
  • Food and beverages at the common dinner on Saturday night after the Theremin & Shakuhachi concert
  • Student’s concert on Sunday afternoon

In addition, you might book the following options “à la carte”:

Individual lessons

  • Individual Theremin lessons with Wilco Botermans
  • Individual Theremin lessons with Thierry Frenkel

Theremin workshops with Wilco Botermans

  • Essentials: Which fx do I really need?! 
  • No.Delays: About using delays, reverb, loopers and echos.
  • Composing techniques for theremin & fx
  • Theremini: making sounds
  • Multi Tracking: Recording the theremin (using Logic)

Ensemble and Chamber music class

  • Electronic Ensemble (theremin & fx) directed by Wilco Botermans with everybody’s own setup – 2 sessions and performance at the student’s concert
  • Chamber music class (E. Elgar: Lux Aeterna for 4-8 theremins and electric bass) conducted by Thierry Frenkel – 3 sessions and performance at the student’s concert

Theremin service and upgrade

  • Upgrade your Etherwave Standard or Plus with the ESPE01 module
  • Servicing / (Re-) tuning of your modified or unmodified Theremin for optimal pitch range, linearity, and volume response

All workshops, the ensemble, and the chamber music class require a minimum number of 3 or 4 registered participants. In case this quota wouldn’t be reached for a particular activity, we will either suggest you an alternative program or reimburse you.

Information for participants

Equipment and presence

Please bring your own theremin and cables. Amplifiers, music and theremin stands are available at the music school 
Please make sure, too, that you can be present during the whole academy time, so that we might schedule lessons and classes without constraints.

Stay and food

Participants book their stay traditionally in the Rixbecker Alpen hotel, or via AirBnB. Food can be found either in one of the little shops near the music school, or in one of the restaurants in the city which is at a 20 minutes walking distance.